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Political Science
John Haines

March 1st First LectureAfter Reading Week Environment When it comes to the environment, If you dont coordinate not only do you miss the global solution, you could make it worse The only global agreement is about limiting the rise in temperature--avoiding the worst case scenario--rise in global temp above 2 degrees But the very issue can be dealt with domestically Climate change-winners and losers Climate change there are winners and losers Low islands--rise in temp. Can trigger threatened existence After failure of copenhagen, gov. Of very small low land countries started to try and buy land elsewhere etc Sweden in contrast would have everything to gain--they have arable land rising Winner and losers-the incentive to find a solution are vastly different Asymmetry in vulnerabilities Asymmetry of responsibility Undeniable that developed nations carry a greater burden for greenhouse gases North rather than south is culprit Diff. To ask developing countries to undertake the same level of efforts while the actual contribution to the problem in minimal if we are taking into account the records of the last century Responsibility for past behaviour and the consciousness of future Climate change is long term problem Long term prospect-difficulties to find solution--long term problem diff. Incentive for short term action Politicians have a different clock--about being elected--their time framework is only 4-5 years Bureaucracies tend to do what they did yesterday, since problem is long term, it favours inaction Markets dont respond well to long term issue Diff. In price in oil is mostly triggered by sudden events rather than taking into account a long term project Human beings not very well fitted to think beyond our lifetime experience Diff. Computing problems that other generations will encounter The nature of the explanation Climate change prospects--its case rests on very complex statistical projection Models complex and disputed Scientific community some disagreement on impact of CO2 emissions and climate change Linear projection--current tendencies projected on long term, but tendencies arent linear; ie: reports in sixties made predictions that didnt take into account advances in tech since etc Problems that are huge can disappear ie: over a hundred years ago--problem of horse poop on streets of city being overwhelming--invent streetcars, no longer problem www.notesolution.com
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