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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science

NAME (PRINT): Last/Surname First /Given Name STUDENT #: SIGNATURE: UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO MISSISSAUGA APRIL 2013 FINAL EXAMINATION POL214Y5Y Canadian Government and Politics David Pond Duration - 2 hours Aids: None The University of Toronto Mississauga and you, as a student, share a commitment to academic integrity. You are reminded that you may be charged with an academic offence for possessing any unauthorized aids during the writing of an exam, including but not limited to any electronic devices with storage, such as cell phones, pagers, personal digital assistants (PDAs), iPods, and MP3 players. Unauthorized calculators and notes are also not permitted. Do not have any of these items in your possession in the area of your desk. Please turn the electronics off and put all unauthorized aids with your belongings at the front of the room before the examination begins. If any of these items are kept with you during the writing of your exam, you may be charged with an academic offence. A typical penalty may cause you to fail the course. Please note, you CANNOT petition to re-write an examination once the exam has begun. PART A (50 marks): Answer any five (5) questions in Part A. All questions in this Part are of equal value. Clearly indicate which questions you are answering. Questions are to be answered in complete sentences. If I cannot read your handwriting your mark will suffer. 1) Who does a weak cabinet minister have to fear more: the opposition in the House of Commons, or the Prime Minister? Give reasons for your answer. 2) Why is a Member of Parliament (MP) who is determined to follow the constituency role of the MP in the parliamentary system, likely to get into trouble with his/her party leader? 3) Why is Ontario so important in deciding the outcome of federal elections? 4) Currently, Senators serve until t
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