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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Victoria Wohl

Terms Topic One: Constitution Chapter 5 Constitution is the fundamental law of a political system. It is fundamental because all other laws must conform to the constitution in terms of how they are made and in terms of their substance. A constitution is a necessary condition for democratic politics. Without it there is no civilized way of resolving conflicts and no way of predicting either the powers of government or the rights of citizens. Common Law A set of rules that govern political life. These rules may take three forms: written documents, the decisions of courts, or unwritten conventions Constitutional conventions those practices that emerge over time and are generally accepted as binding rules of the political system. Constitutional law common law and constitution written documents. Are enforceable by the courts, whereas constitutional conventions are not Parliamentary Supremacy essentially meant, that so long as one level of government did not trespass onto jurisdictional turf that the Constitution assigned to the other level, it was free to do as it liked Rule of Law principle that everyone should be treated equally under the law. Charter extends this principle to expressly prohibit discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, sex, age, or mentalphysical ability Privy Council The power that resides formally in the monarchy is in reality held by the Crowns advisers. Formally includes all members of the present and past cabinets. However, only present members of the cabinet use their powers Responsible Government In order to govern, the prime minister and cabinent require the confidence of the elected house of commons. If a government looses the confidence of the house, it looses the right to govern Party discipline The reason why the constitutional theory of responsible government does not translate into governments tremulous before their ZZ Z Ministerial Responsibility The accountability of the government to the legislature is the reason behind another principle of British parliamentary government. It entails the obligation of a cabinet minister to explain and defend policies and actions carried out in his or her name. Parliamentary supremacy this means that parliaments authority is superior to that of all other institutions of government. In concrete terms, this means that the
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