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Bureaucracy What’s the difference between the Queen’s Privy Council and the Privy Council Office?  In Canada the Privy Council Office is the secretariat of the federal cabinet, providing officially non-partisan advice and support to the Prime Minister and leadership, coordination, and support to the departments and agencies of the government.The Clerk of the Privy Council heads the Privy Council Office  QPC is the full group of personal consultants to the monarch of Canada on state and constitutional affairs, though responsible government requires the sovereign or her viceroy, the Governor General of Canada, to almost always follow only that advice tendered by the Cabinet— a committee within the Privy Council composed of elected Members of Parliament. Those summoned to the QPC are appointed for life by the governor general as directed by the Prime Minister of Canada, meaning that the group is composed predominantly of former cabinet ministers, with some others having been inducted as an honorary gesture.The most PC are partisan, except the former GG, and chief justice. The majority QPC are cabinet minister. Why are politicians not allowed to meddle in the hiring and promotion of civil servants below the level of Deputy Minister and Assistant Deputy Minister?  Because the civil servants are appointed and promoted on the basis of merit, not their partisan political views. These public servants are hired and promoted under the terms of the Public Service Employment Act. This Act authorizes the Public Service Commission, an independent agency reporting directly to Parliament (not to a minister) to enforce the principles of political neutrality and merit. The cabinet cannot interfere with this. This Commission sets the rules for non-partisan hiring. Then it delegates this hiring power to DMs who in turn delegate it to managers.  For example, if allowed the politicians wo meddle in hiring and promotion of civil servants. When Liberal in power, the politician will hire all liberals as civil servants. If the Liberal lost in next election, and Tory in power, all the civil servants will be fired, b/c they are Liberals. That is not only waste a lots funds and resource, but also waster a lots time. The government department need to keep training new staff, the working speed and skill would be very low. “When nonpartisan career public servants are doing their job properly, they are helping the party in power to get re-elected.” Discuss the validity of this statement.  When the public service is doing its job properly, it is helping to make the government look good. But when it makes the government look good, it is bolstering the re-election chances of the government party. This is the paradox at the heart of the parliamentary model of a nonpartisan public service.  The decision to introduce a budget was made by the elected politicians. But the precise details, costing and structure of the package were worked up by the nonpartisan bureaucracy.  For example, current Tory government introduce a new child tax credit, the politics direction was made by politicians, even the politics direction is very good and popular, but the civil servants need to precise all the program details, costing, and structure, if those processes can not complete very good, this program wont make any sense to help the government to re-elected, and may cause the governing party lost power. How is the non-partisanship of the bureaucracy protected?  But all hiring decisions below the level of DM and ADM are out of the control of the electe
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