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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
C Jung

Lecture One Second SemesterWas Democracy Just a MomentDOHA round of world trades organizationHappening in Bali last week in Nov Hopeful that they would reach some kind of agreement This round of negotiations considered to be crucial for WTO credibilityWTO would collapse if there wasnt proper agreementThey issued statement that there was a big successA few things happenedTry to reduce bureaucratic barriers between countriesTo cut some tariffs from the poorest countriesWhich bureaucratic barriers to tradeInformal barriers which are things like standards that are unachievable in poor countriesIndia was insisting that they be allowed to subside farmers to secure food for national supply All developed countries doSubsidies are national security they are able to eliminate or exclude negotiation that type of domestic policyIndia was saying and if we sanction then we pull out of the world trade organizationThey allowed India four years food subsidesThe Peace Clause Poor countries allowed to subsides for four years Time limit and its going to come out for negotiationAlthough the claim is that the round was a success something was agreed to the main points that are at stake that wasnt even touched on Instead of plucking victory from failure its not an enormous success The DOHA round will continueLAST SEMESTER ENDS ON ECONOMIC FOCUSDemocracyWays of thinkingWhy democracy has become the watchword
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