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POL 214 Mid Term Test Review WHAT WHEN WHYBuzzwords Question Period 1How is our Political culture different from the Americans Political culture can be described as the outer limits to what is considered normal political activity in a Society aCanada and US both share Liberal Democratic Values but have different means of achieving them iTrial by jury with an independent judiciary iiFreedom of Speech and assembly iiiThe rule of lawivLegal equality vPopular sovereignty viReligious tolerance bIn the US the president is both the partisan Head of government and the non partisan Head of State cIn Canada the Queen GG are Heads of State whilst PM is the Head of Government dBalance between US individualism vs Canadian collectivism iUS Individualism1Free enterprise2Personal liberty 3Mistrust of government 4Equality of opportunities not resultsiiCanadian Collectivism 1Big government 2Higher taxation 3Generous social programs eUS model of assimilation vs Canadas tolerance of diversity fUS religious Canada more circular HOW DID CANADA GET ITS DISTINCT POLITICAL CULTURE gFragment Theory argument made that loyalist liberalism in Canada was influence by conservative ideas such asiDeterrence towards authority and iiGreater emphasis on preserving social order even at the expense of civil liberties iiiLoyalist liberalism tainted by a Tory touch British conservative idea ivAccording to the fragment theory English speaking settlers in the thth17 and 18 century brought with them values liberalism of equalityvSettlers migrated from Europe where Tory values were very influential so the settlers brought with them a MIX of both LIBERAL and CONSERVATIVE ideas
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