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Political Science
Rodney Haddow

Parties and Parties Systems 2/7/2012 3:56:00 PM  Parties: Non-state organizations that seek to control/influence state executive (gov’t)  people who share the objective to control/influence, but they are not part of the state  Party Systems: effective # of parties that exists in a polity, power of each, relation among them  Important enough to have some impact, large voter-base, has people in the gov’t  big enough to matter to other parties Types of parties:  Cadre vs. mass: Who controls? o Tight group at the top leading o Cadre: controlled by small elite; emerged in the legislature; most early parties, from 19 C. o Mass: ‘rank and file’ control; non-parl. origins: unions, farmer orgs, NGO’s, etc.  ordinary person joins the party, much larger, anyone can propose resolutions etc., o R. Michels, ‘Iron Law of Oligarchy’: Parties wan
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