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PSY100H1 Midterm: PSY100H1 guide

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Michael Inzlicht
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PSY100H1 - Lecture 1 - Some Fundamental Insights of Psychology
Important Contact Information :, Piazza, Blackboard
Introductory Quote
“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our
response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom” -Victor Frankl
Raises the question : Do we have free will?
Types of Views of People :
Deterministic View
Circumstances shape who we are
Humans are causally served conditions
Philosophical View
Is anything in the human spirit free?
Having the ability of free will → Power to choose
The great paradox : people are seen in both a deterministic and philosophical
Humans have the capability to take reality and choose their own story
Why are you here? Why PSY100H1?
Intrinsic (deep,meaningful, fascination) vs Extrinsic (superficial)
Long-term→ career/goal
Be a psychologist
Interest in topic
Understand human behaviour
(Having meaning to something will create a deep
and fundamental insight, therefore making it
Short-term→ short-lived
Eg. Make money to buy more personal
objects or due to poor background
overcomes unworthiness feeling
Generally intrinsic motivation dominates extrinsic as extrinsic motivation burns out really
Eg. Studying for a class that is interesting (I) si treated as a self-recharge
whereas studying for a class without any interests will produce a quick burn-out
to the brain therefore a lack of motivation to study
Types of People
1. Heart
Having a heart gives insight on how to help and understand others
Eg. Caring about objects or people (due to death, sickness, suffering)
Everything has to do with consciousness which is related to feelings, act on
Eg. Personal Goals such as fitness, relationships, careers
Emotions “get in way” therefore we need to harness our emotions to help
achieve goal and not to be distracted
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find more resources at
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