PSY100H1 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Habituation, Operant Conditioning, Observational Learning

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PSY100H1 Full Course Notes
PSY100H1 Full Course Notes
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Learning: an enduring change in behaviour that results from experience. Classical conditioning: learned response that occurs when a neutral object comes to elicit a reflexive response when it is associated with a stimulus that already produces that response. Unconditioned stimulus = the stimulus that the animal will naturally respond to (e. g. meat powder) Unconditioned response = the response (e. g. ,. salivating) Conditioned stimulus = the new, neutral stimulus that is paired with the us (e. g. , ding! ) Conditioned response = the response (e. g. , salivating; usually not quite as powerful. Acquisition: the gradual formation of an association between the conditioned and unconditioned stimuli. Extinction: the cr is weakened when the cs is repeated without the us. Spontaneous recovery: previously extinguished response reemerges following presentation of the cr. Stimulus generalization: stimuli that are similar but not identical to the cs produce the cr.

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