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PSY100H1 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Ventromedial Nucleus Of The Hypothalamus, Lateral Hypothalamus, Factor Analysis

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Ashley Waggoner Denton
Study Guide

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Practice Questions for Test #2
Answers can be found and the end of this document.
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1. A group of male rats has had an area of their brains damaged, resulting in a severe
disruption of sexual behaviour. The area that was damaged was most likely the:
a. posterior hypothalamus
b. anterior hypothalamus
c. lateral hypothalamus
d. ventromedial hypothalamus
2. Carina is trying to decide what word is formed by w_ed. She could fill in the blank
with every letter from a to z until she found a word, or she could start with e because
it is the most frequently occurring letter. If she tried every letter, Carina would be
using a(n) ____________. If she starts with e, Carina would be using a(n) _________.
a. algorithm; heuristic
b. heuristic; algorithm
c. taxonomic approach; thematic approach
d. thematic approach; taxonomic approach
3. Students taking an introductory class in a subject that is completely new to them often
find that the material seems very disorganized and confusing at the beginning. As the
class progresses the information seems to become better structured and the students
find it easier to integrate and interpret new material. One important reason for this
happy change is that the students are developing ____________ that allow them to
make sense of, organize, and utilize information in memory.
a. prototypes
b. heuristics
c. schemas
d. feature lists
4. One of the best ways to remember factual information is to relate it to something
personal. In this way, you are taking advantage of your ____________ memory to aid
retrieval from your ____________ memory.
a. implicit; explicit
b. explicit; implicit
c. episodic; semantic
d. semantic; episodic
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5. You witness a car accident and watch one of the cars drive away from the scene.
Even though you have just seen the license plate, you cannot remember what it was.
The license plate was probably not:
a. encoded
b. perceived
c. retrieved
d. transduced
6. Yang believes that a whale is a fish, because a whale swims. Yang’s misconception
suggests that he is using a(n) ____________ model for the fish category.
a. prototype
b. rule-based
c. holistic
d. exemplar
Use the following scenario to answer the next two questions:
In a memory experiment, participants in Group A are asked to just listen to a list of
words. Group B is asked to repeat the word list over and over again until it is time to
recall it. Group C is asked to connect each word in the list to a meaningful personal
7. Which group is engaging in maintenance rehearsal?
a. Group A
b. Group B
c. Group C
d. Both Group B and Group C
8. Which group would be the most likely to remember the word list one week later?
a. Group A
b. Group B
c. Group C
d. Both Group B and Group C
9. When David first moved to Austin he had to rely on the GPS in his car. Over time,
David found that he could navigate the city without using his GPS. David must have
developed a ____________ of the city.
a. symbolic representation
b. prototype
c. mental representation
d. set of defining attributes
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