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Michael Inzlicht
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Psycho Exam
Lecture One
Fundamental insight #1 reality is a story, told to us by our brains:
Our experience do not reflect reality itself, but rather a construction, or
representation of reality
Our sensory-perceptual system are limited due to: the sensitivity of our sensory
mechanisms/ our attentional capacity
We then use perception (we are not directly interacting with reality but rather we
are creating a fiction about reality) It is a process of pattern-matching (uses pre-
existing patterns to decode incoming sensory signals)
Fundamental insight # 2 we have limited capacity to process information:
We rely upon heuristics or rules of thumb, when engaging in reasoning and decision
Relying on our beliefs makes us biased (often biases a based on our motivation which
alters the info we pay attention to)
We shouldnt get too attached to our judgement & perceptions and should remember
to validate them by comparing them to others
Attention is critically important (it determines what reality we experience and the
manner in which we experience it). It can be learned to be controlled.
Fundamental insight # 3 everything is the same:
We dont live in the real world but in our brains (all that we know are neural
Our brain is an intricate network of neurons that communicate and form larger
patterns and structures
Neural conversations are interconnected based on past associations (as they build,
our brain becomes more adapt to the environment).
The self is an illusion, a construction, a process.
Lecture Two
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