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Issue/debates thats relevant, why how relevant, explain implication
Idea that we should understand a culture only in its terms, herter, there seems to be
internal tension . born from the romantic ideaconstruction of meaning, but he
differ by Russell b/c emphasis on community. Connection b/t cultural relativism and
vygotskys goal
SHORT: 4/10 choices
LONG:1/3on overarching themeCompare developmental framework to
sociocultural framework?
Refer to short in long, but not long in short
Long essay needs thesis, not the short one
No question specifically on reading
Complete sentences and paragraphs
Pt form for short essay = part mark
Significant marks on organization & presentation of ideas
Long: 2.5 X short Short: 2-4 paragraphs?
Write in pen
Citing an experiment, put author name and date
List of topics + notes for the research essay on portal course content
Integration & links are most important
Allowed to use class examples
Explain why concept is imp, why its rational and show problems with the concept
1.Organization: info is constraint by previous structures. Its always being
integrated into previous info. Making sure that Info is integrated such that
you can satisfy the constraints, not simply added into cognition. Thus it can
produce qualitative, not just quantitative changes. Integration in turn drives
V: There really isnt a difference between organization and adaptation.
2.Adaptation: making sure cognition and action fit environment
Self-organizing process (like evolution), not simply learning from
Both are similar to integration. As info comes inorganization, as it goes
Criticism: Piaget is great at describing cognitive structure but impoverished in
explaining cognitive functions.
He believes that adaptation works as opponent processing between 2 opponent
processors: assimilation and accommodation
Ex: Your autonomic nervous system:
Sympathetic(fight/flight) and parasympathetic(rest/heal)how do I adapt? You need
a system that helps you to shift between both extremes. The two systems are
pushing/trying to shut down each other. b/c you live in an abstract world with
symbolic goals, you cant run/kill your problems, and your parasympathetic system
doesnt get signal to kick in.
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