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PSY220H1 Study Guide - Fundamental Attribution Error, Social Proof, Emotional Detachment

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Jason Plaks

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Andrew (youngjik) Lee
-change in behavior or beliefs to accord with others
-compliance is conforming in accordance with social pressure although privately
-Obedience is acting in accord with a direct order
-Acceptance is when you conform with belief that it is right
-Sherif conducted experiment where false beliefs were perpetuated and individuals
conform to answers of the group (power of suggestibility)
-Campell conducted experiment using confederate to inflate an estimation, the
confederate was replaced by new member but inflation still persisted
-Power of suggestibility (increase in suicides when there is suicide or plot of suicide on
popular show)
-Asch created experiment (conforming although knowing its wrong) asking where the
line is filled to, until trial 3 answers are consistent, @ trial 3 answers begin to change,
participant has dilemma: do I believe my own eyes or what group thinks
-When alone, participant gave correct answers 99% of time
-When with group, 37% of answers were conforming, despite no reward in
-Milgram!s shock experiment (obedience)
-Participants continue to shock when told to comply by experimenter despite
hearing protests from person being shocked
-Milgram!s study was deemed as immoral for stressing participants against their
own will
-What makes participants continue to obey?
-When victim is in different room, no protests, almost all complied till end
-When victim is present in same room, only 40% complied till 450 volts
-It is easier to abuse someone distant or depersonalized
-More compassion shown when victim is personalized
-What causes compliance
-Emotional detachment
-Legitimacy of authority
-Prestige of authority (Harvard vs. No-name institution)
-Step by step compliance breeds acceptance
-Bierbrauer concluded that our behavior is a product of our social history and current
environment (fundamental attribution error) although most people believe that actions
show people!s inner qualities
Conditions of conforming
-social influence increases with a group!s immediacy and size, although this diminishes
with increasing numbers
-Unanimity, it is easier to stand up for something if someone else also stands up for it
(increases independence)
-Cohesion, how close/attracted we are to fellow members of the group
-Status of people in group
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