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Textbook notes Ch 12, 13, 8 (midterm 3)

OC543225 Page
22 Feb 2011
Substance abuse: (1) hazardous behav, such as driving while drunk (2) continued use aside from social/psych/health problems. Substance dependent: more
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Study guide for Term Test 2

OC44708 Page
15 Jan 2011
5 or more during the same 2 weeks: must have 1)depressed mood 2)anhedonia (lack of pleasure, appetite/sleep disturbance, psychomotor agitation/retardat
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Study notes on Alcoholism, Drugs & Drug Abuse, & Substance Use Disorders

OC48085 Page
1 Feb 2011
Gender ratio: m(60%) > f(30%) for 1+ adverse etoh (ethyl alcohol)-related events (~5:1) Lifetime prevalence: dep 15% abuse 5% Behav exacerbated by subs
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