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PSY240H1 Full Course Notes
PSY240H1 Full Course Notes
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12-04-18 1:08 pm: study of abnormal psychology, people who suffer mental, emotional physical pain, as result of form psychological/mental disorder, criteria of abnormal, unusualness of behavior. Unconventional behaviour (violates norms: discomfort/distress of person, presence of mental illness. Clear identifiable physical process that differs from health. & leads to specific symptoms: maladaptiveness of behaviour. Cause people to suffer distress/prevent daily functioning: unexpectedness. Structural: physical trauma leading to psychological problems. Neurotransmitter: too little/much of neurotranismitter in synaptic cleft. Drugs: antipsychotics, antidepressants, mood stabilizers, anti-anxiety medication. Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rtms: psychological approach (freud & psychoanalytic), theories: Effects of reinforcements & punishment on behaviour. Systematic desensitization, modeling, flooding: social structure theories, theories: Roles society plays in development of psychological disorder: cognitive therapy, social skill training, not relying on others for social worth, cognitive behavioural therapy, systematic desensitization, interoceptive exposure, confront situation/thought, challenge & change. Neurotransmitters: dopamine: experience of reinforcement/rewards, novelty-seeking, serotonin: regulates emotion, harm avoidance, low:

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