PSY260H1 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Aplysia, Dopaminergic, Classical Conditioning

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10 Feb 2011
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PSY260H1 Full Course Notes
PSY260H1 Full Course Notes
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1. 1 p h i losophy of t he m i n d. Erasmus darwin & early proponents of evolut ion. Charles darwin & t he t heory of natural select ion. Darwin"s 3 criteria for traits to evolve through natural. Franc is galton: variab il i ty of nature. 1. 3 t he birt h of exper i mental psychology. H er mann ebbinghaus & h u man me mory exper i men ts. Ivan pavlov & an i mal learn ing. 1. 4 t he re ign of behavior ism. Clark h u ll & mat he mat ical models of learn ing. Edward tol man: cogn i t ive maps. Gordon bower: learn ing by i nsigh t. George m i l ler & i n for mat ion t heory. David ru mel hart & connect ion ist models. Alternat ives to i m i tat ion. 2. 1 qu ick tour of t he brain.

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