PSY270H1 Study Guide - Convergence Problem, Bus Driver, Problem Solving

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19 Aug 2012
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PSY270H1 Full Course Notes
PSY270H1 Full Course Notes
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Broad in general then more specific two types of problems, duffernt strageties and. Specific facotrs that influence and or hinder it. Need everthing to solve so cannot really be modular, Role of past knowledge, more knowledge have better able to solve problem. Path to goal isn"t obcius, solution isn"t obvious. Not necessarily hard, it ranges, could be what eat for breakfast no hard but solution not obvious unless only have bread in house. Newell and simon deceloped first computer to solve problems better then humans, N and s talked about these to describe a computer which is excellent to how humans define problems and solve them. Between any number of intermediate could be number of things you could do. Envision problem space as a maze, know what to end up but not obvious how to get there. Need to know where to end up problem is not what is goal but how to get there.