PSY280H1 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Fundamental Frequency, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Attentional Blink

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9 Feb 2016
Review Booklet
Chapter 1
What is the dierence between nativism and empiricism?
What is a sensory transducer?
How is perception and senses a product of evolution?
Describe the 6 steps to get to sensation and active feedback.
What are six senses and which is most complex and relied upon?
What is psychophysics? Who founded psychophysics?
What did Weber believe about stimulus intensity?
What is the doctrine of speci"c nerve energies?
Describe the process through which neurons pass on a signal?
What is the dierence between dualism and materialism? What do scientists
currently believe?
What do we use to measure physical response in people and what is used to
measure neural response?
What is the dierence between the absolute threshold, the two point threshold and
the dierence threshold (JND)?
What is signal detection theory? Describe the criterion, D’ and sensitivity.
What are the three electrophysiological techniques?
Describe EEG, EERP and ECoG.
Describe and contrast MRI, fMRI, BOLD and PET.
What techniques are generally used in animals and which ones are used in humans?
Chapter 2
What is a wave and what is the dierence between transverse and longitudinal
What is a natural or fundamental frequency? How does it change depending on
properties of strings and tubes?
What are the "ve ways objects interact with light?
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What is the pathway through the eye? What does each part do?
Rank the parts of the eye that contribute to refraction from most to least refraction.
What is the dierence between aqueous and vitreous humor?
What is the dierence between emmetropia, myopia, presbyopia and hyperopia?
What is astigmatistm?
What are cataracts?
How is an eye like a camera? How is it not like a camera?
What do neurons in the eye have instead of dendrites?
What are the roles of rods, cones, horizontal and amacrine cells?
What happens when a photon hits a chromophore?
Which cells use graded potentials?
Where is there the highest concentration of rods?
What does visual angle depend on?
What are the dierent types of bipolar cells and what are their functions?
What is the point of ON/OFF ganglion cells?
What is the dierence between the Parvocellular and Magnocellular pathway?
What are the two mechanisms for light and dark adaptation?
Contrast Retinitis Pigmentosa and macular degeneration.
Chapter 3
What is the path from optic nerve to striate cortex?
What eye does each LGN get info from?
What is acuity and how were Snellen’s letters used? What does 20/20 mean?
What is spatial frequency? What is contrast? What is the CSF? What is sensitibity?
What is the dierence between scotopic, mesopic, and photopic sensitivity for
Describe the CSF and what happens to it as you age from baby to old person?
Describe CSF dierences in humans, rhesus monkeys, cats, gold"sh and pigeons.
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