4 Oct 2011

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Cross-Cultural Social Psychology
Review Guide for Unit III
Exam Structure:
50% Lecture Materials 80% Multiple Choice (40 items)
50% Reading Materials 20% Short Answer (2 items)
I. Mental Health and Well-Being
a. Culture and General Well-Being
i. Subjective Happiness
1. Diener & Diener (1996) - “Most People are Happy
2. Subjective Well-being & World Happiness
ii. Physical Health
1. Biological Variability of Humans
a. Genetic Variation Across Populations
b. Acquired Physical Variation Across Cultures
i. Obesity and Diet
ii. Culture and Height
2. Socioeconomic Status and Health
a. Access to Health Benefits
b. Hazardous Jobs
c. Unhealthy Habits
d. Stress
3. Ethnicity and Health
a. Lack of Control
b. Relative Deprivation
c. Racism and Discrimination
b. Culture and Mental Well-Being
i. Dual Roles of Biology and Culture
1. Biopsychosocial Model
ii. Widespread Influence of Culture
iii. Sociocultural Pathways to Distress, Deviance, & Disorder
iv. Stress-Diathesis Model
c. Culture and Mental Disorders
i. Mental Disorders
1. Culture Bound Syndromes
a. Eating Disorders
b. Koro
c. Amok
d. Dhat
e. Frigophobia
2. Universal Syndromes
a. Depression
b. Social Anxiety Disorder
c. Suicide
d. Schizophrenia
d. Treatment of Disorders
i. Approaches to Psychotherapy
1. Psychodynamic
2. Humanistic
3. Cognitive
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