PSY323H1 Midterm: Midterm Prep (Short Answers)

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18 Feb 2011

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: the idea that an individual has characteristics associated with either. : biological sex differences determine our (immutable: psychological essentialism, cultural approach, socialization of gender. : the learning of masculine and feminine identities from cultural beliefs: social learning theory. : the idea that we learn behaviors from seeing similar others" actions (observational learning: gender schemas. : knowledge structures that guide perceptions; we start to see the world through the lens of gender roles: evolutionary approach, social structural approach. : uses the ideas from darwin"s theory to explain gender differences that gender roles evolved out of inherent sex differences. : gender differences arise from differences in groups" social positions (roles and occupations of group members and their respective status/power) social causes: social role theory. : stereotypes evolve from the social roles that people occupy; roles generate demands for people to act in certain ways (child-rearing women = nurturing; working men = assertive and independent)

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