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18 Jul 2011

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Hedonism - Outcome of happiness or pleasureEudaimonia Model based on Self-Determination Theory
Occurrence of +ve affect and absence of
ve affect
Measurable major advantage
Focus on outcome
Focus on valued but delimited state, namely
Pleasure and +ve affect are important
human experiences not only because they
represent intrinsically preferred states, but
also because they can facilitate and support
other human functions both are correlates
and consequences of living well of
There are other ways to pleasure, not all of
which are eudaimonic
Focus on hedonic outcomes cannot by itself
reliably lead to either individual or collective
Maximize pleasure + avoid pain = life bereft
of depth, meaning and community
associated with dead-end routes to wellness
such as selfishness, materialism, objectified
sexuality, and ecological destructiveness
Not culturally neutral; presupposed by and a
reflection of individualistic market-based
oMONEY: these are ends without
inherent value
Wealth and power = extrinsic
value compromises and
distracts from eudaimonic
oPleasure seeking stalls the pursuit of
human excellences
oFocus on pleasure and pain, rewards
and punishments, can lead people to
1.Pursuing intrinsic goals and values for their own sake; personal growth, relationships,
community, and health
2.Behaving in autonomous, volitional, or consensual ways, rather than heteronymous or
controlled ways
3.Being mindful and acting with a sense of awareness
4.Behaving in ways that satisfy basic psychological needs for competence, relatedness, and
1, 2 ,3 have positive effects of psychological and physical well-being because they satisfy
universal needs
Living a complete human life, or the realization of valued human potentials
The criteria for judging a theory of eudaimonia rest in its ability to predict, implement, and
bring about outcomes that people value deeply and that can be said to represent wellness.
Focus on content of ones life, and the process of living well
The foci of E research are the specify what living well entails and to identify the expected
consequences of such living
Specification of eudaimonic living might not only be of value as a guide to a more complete
and meaningful life; it should also yield more stable and enduring hedonic happiness
Alternative routes to individual and societal wellness may play a critical function with respect
to economic and social policies
oEudaimonia is the chief human good
oA character of persons that entails living in accordance with reason and moderation,
and aiming toward excellence and the realization of a complete human life
oDistinguished between happiness as experiencing pleasure (H) versus happiness as
living well (E)
oE not a feeling, it is a description of a character: an adjective suggesting an exemplary
Not conceived mental state, a positive feeling, or cognitive appraisal of
satisfaction, it is a way of living
oOne must actively pursue virtues and excellences
The pursuits intrinsically worthy endeavour an end in itself
oAttributes: courage, generosity, wisdom, and being fait and just in relation to others
oReflective life unique human capacity
oE pursuits are voluntary
Intrinsic motivation = pursuit of an activity because of its inherent interest and enjoyability
Extrinsic motivation = those that are instrumental rather than inherently enjoyable, and to how
they are adopted and enacted
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