PSY493H1 Midterm: PSYB32 _ Cognitive Neuroscience _ Lecture Notes

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9 Jul 2020

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Higher level thinking, planning, decision making, how we do the most complex stuff that is uniquely human. How is it that networks go awry through psychological illness, injury, and illness. Tools and strategies to help patients gain more function. A few of the big questions in psychological science. Certain conditions like adhd alter that ability. Brain can do a lot of computations but needs body to carry out its demands. What are the mechanisms that allow us to learn and remember. Hah we haven"t felt an emotion in like 2 months. Where does that goal come from, and how do we control ourselves enough to achieve success in that goal. Understanding more the mechanisms by which they occurs help us understand why we do what we do and help us help others if and when it makes sense. Both of these care about thinking thinking sciences. The questions mentioned above are all important areas of study in cognitive psychology.