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PSY100 NotesChapter 1Preceded by philosophy and physiologyWundt 1879 first research laboStudy of consciousnessHall US first lab and APATitchener structuralismoBased on notion that the task of psychology is to analyze consciousness into its basic elements and investigate how these elements are related sensation and perception used introspectionoLimitations with use of introspection led to demisefunctionalism psych should investigate the function or adaptive purpose of consciousness rather than structure Jamesonatural selectiono consciousness is continuous flow of thoughtsWatson behaviourism scientific psychology should study only observable behaviouroScientific verifiabilityoStimulusresponse psychologyGestalt psych continue to study conscious rather than overt behaviourFreud psychoanalysisoUnconscious contains thoughts memories desires below surface of conscious awareness exert influenceoPsychoanalytic theory attempts to explain personality motivation and mental disorders by focusing on unconscious determinants of behaviourSkinner radical behaviourismoOrganisms tend to repeat responses that lead to positive outcomes and not repeat shit that doesntoBehaviour is governed fully by external stimuli no freedom huamanists criticized behaviourism and psychoanalytic because people notmasters of destiniesohumanism emphasizes the unique qualities of humans freedom and potential for personal growthpsych disturbances result of thwarting human needs to fulfill potentialoRogers Maslow selfconceptapplied psychology concerned with everyday practical problemsclinical treatment of psych problems and disordersoWorld War expansioncognition mental processes involved in acquiring knowledgeocognitive perspective peoples manipulations of mental images influence behaviourHebb importance of brain in behaviouroCell assembly cognitive units that together with other cell assemblies facilitate behaviourbiological perspective much human and animal behaviour explained in terms of bodily structures and biochemical shitpsych studies in past have focused on white middle class studentsethnocentrism tendency to view ones own group as superior to others and as standard for judging foreign waysevolutionary psychology examines behaviour processes in terms of their adaptive value for members of a species over the course of many generationspsychiatry branch of medicine concerned with treatment of disordersChapter 2goals of scientific enterpriseomeasurement and descriptionounderstanding and predictionhypothesisvariablesoapplication and controlotheoryoperational definition describes actions or operations that will be used to measure or control a variabledata collection techniques procedures for making empirical observations and measurementsscientific approach clarity and precision intolerance of errorexperiment research method in which a variable is manipulated under carefully controlled conditions and observes whether any chances occur in second variable as a resultindependent variable condition or even that is varied to see its impact on another variabledependent variable affected by manipulation of independentexperimental group special treatment with independent variablecontrol group no special treatmentextraneous variables any other variables that would influence the dependent variableconfounding of variables when two variables are linked together in a way that makes it difficult to sort out their specific effectsrandom assignment when all subjects have equal chance of being assigned to any group or condition in studysometimes advantageous to use only one groupinteraction effect of one variable depends on the effect of anotherexperimental researchoconclusions on causeeffect relationshipsoartificial situations sometimes dont reflect realityoexperiments cant always be used to explore shitdescriptivecorrelational research
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