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Dan Dolderman

-->PSY100 Lecture June 14, 2011 STUDY: Major disorders, identifying symptoms, method of treatment Treating Psychological Disorders Traditionally treated psychological disorders must have convergence o More convergence = greater impact on disorder Talk therapy patients have a voice; empathy & understanding; patients have a conversation with therapist trust Importance of expressing ones thoughts and feelings o Pennebakerhas undergraduate students right about their most significant personal trauma15 minutes a day4 days o At our core is our resistance to our own problemsbackground of consciousness Drugsmore of a medical approachpsychiatrists are under more pressure to prescribe drugs o Necessary in extreme dysfunctional cases Behaviour modification treatments o Specific behavioural intervention o Must have excellent control over rewards and contingencies otherwise method is less effective o Focused on strengthening people in certain areas of life Cognitive behaviour therapy Methods of treatment can be combined Schizophrenia Organic brain disease Overly controlling family environment can cause higher probability of relapse o Lower relapse rate with less emotionally expressive familiesconjunction with medication makes little difference o Higher relapse rate with more emotionally expressive familiesconjunction with medication makes a large difference The importance of drugs depends on environment or family Medication is not very effective alone Cognitive behavioural treatment Example: someone attached to negative self image is easily distracted from positive aspects of social interactions (e.g. they remember the person that hated them) Cognitive habits make you expect the worse, and behavioural habits make you act on those expectations negative spiral Cognitive habits need to be restructured reappraise certain circumstances in less negative wys Disrupting irrational belief
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