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University of Toronto St. George
Elizabeth Page- Gould

PSYB10 Summer 2012 Practice Questions - Final Exam 1. In which of the following scenarios isTraci most likely to get help? a. Traci has a heart attack during rush hour in a busy train station b. Traci has a heart attack while alone with a cashier in the 7-11 c. Traci has a heart attack while everyone in acting class is practising dramatic falls d. Traci has a heart attack, and the people aroundTraci begin looking to others to gage whether the situation is a crisis e. Traci has a heart attack in the middle of a crowdedTim Hortons 2.According to the Empathy-AltruismTheory, you will NOT help a person in need when you feel ____________ for the person and perceive _______________. a. High empathy; an easy escape b. Low empathy; a difficult escape c. Low empathy; an easy escape d. High empathy; a difficult escape e. Low empathy; no escape 3.A senator who has vehemently campaigned against recognizing homosexual marriage is scandalized by the surfacing of evidence of his own homosexual past. Freud would describe the Senator's campaign against gay marriage as: a. Repression b. Denial c. Reaction formation d. Sublimation e. Projection 4.The affective component of racism is ___________; the behavioural component of racism is _______
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