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Dan Dolderman

Practice Questions for Test #1 Correct responses are indicated in bold. 1. The global workspace model posits that a. Consciousness is a result of the simultaneous activation of five areas of the brain b. Awareness of cultural differences allows people to work better together c. Awareness is a result of a single “global awareness” area of the brain d. Scientists need to pool their data and collaborate with other researchers across the globe in order to better understand the brain e. None of the above are true (see p. 154 of the text) 2. If your mean neighbour has taught his dog to fear the sound of a bell by pairing it with an electrical shock, what would be the conditioned response? a. The shock b. Fear (see p. 247 of the text) c. The newspaper d. The bell e. The dog 3. A weatherman is standing outside in a terrible hurricane, when the wind launches a giant piece of metal into the very back of his head (near the base of his skull). This is likely damaged his _____________, which would lead to problems with his ___________. a. Temporal lobe; hearing b. Occipital lobe; vision (see p. 116 of the text) c. Parietal lobe; vision d. Temporal lobe; smell and taste e. Occipital lobe; hearing 4. In class, Dr. Waggoner Denton described a research study in which a number of social psychologists joined a doomsday cult (“the Seekers”) in order to see what would happen when the world did not actually end. This is an example of a. A correlational study b. The experimenter expectancy effect c. Naturalistic observation d. Participant observation (see p. 40 of the text; September 18 lecture) e. A self-report measure 5. Which of the following is not a theme of psychological science? a. Psychology is an empirical science that uses the scientific method to
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