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Dan Dolderman

Psy344 Final Notes CollectionLecture 610 Psy344 Lec6 Intimate relationships domestic violence and stalkingWe are going to finish of intimate partner violence and domestic violence and we are going to go into stalking a little bit Lets continue on with abuse victims we were talking about domestic partner abuse last class For the final exam for this particular lecture im not gonna make you memorize all these myths about abuse victims instead im telling you these myths about the abuse victims instead im telling you these myths because of the importance of social frame works So we are back to social frameworks and expert witnesses im trying to make these lectures hang together so an expert witness will come in and talk to the jury and the judge about myths about abuse victims so the abuse victim isnt biased against especially if they have killed their abuser and are there for a homicide trial1 Battered women syndrome affects only a smallof the population expert witness has to make sure that the jury dont think the defendant is claiming to have something that no one has because the victims of domestic abuse is still a hidden crime ashamed or if they do talk about it they get hit even more so its pretty hidden behind closed doors so the jury must understand that it does occur 2 Battered women are masochisticonly women who like it or deserve it were beaten sure some people to get into sm types of relationships and thats fine but these women arent asking for it 3 Battered women are crazy the idea that its womens negative personality characteristics they like to do it they are crazyvery smallof people want to be beat up and almost noone in these relationships do4 Middle class women are not battered as frequently or violently as are poorer women Thats just not the case doesnt seem to have anything to do with socioeconomic standards Some rich womens husbands and boyfriends beat them as well being rich is not a guarantee5 Minority group women are battered more frequently some stats show that native American aboriginal women are battered more than anyone else but for everyone else ingroup outgroup they are abused just about the same6 Religious beliefs will prevent battering Maybe if you believe you can do good things or be a better person or belief in a just world that snot the case either 7 Battered women are uneducated and have few job skills not the case either a lot of women have jobs who arent stayed at home moms and they get abused just as muchexpert has to explain away the fact that when they go to the hospital they say oh I was just clumpsy and they have all these records of them being clumpsy and norecords of them being abused defence the say oh look this person is a liar how can we trust what is the truth and what is a lie 8Batters are violent in all their relationships idea that this person has no other history of violence they never talked to anyone else thay are mild at work never get into any arguments so how can you say they are violent at home usually their outlet thats why they are not violent in other places because they are abusing their spouse 9 Abusers are unsuccessful and lack resources to cope with the world well we saw from last class that there are only some batterers that have this lack of coping skill some are just controlling angry and have resources at work but at home they just take everything out on their spouse10 Drinking causes battering behavior thats not true although there is a correlation between drinking and battering A good percentage of battering cases especially when the person is severely battered or killed does take place when alky is involved 11 Batters are psychopathic personalities psychopaths arent gonna get into relationships where they will attack and batter their spouse Normally psychopaths especially if they are criminal psychopathseven stalkersif they are married their wifes has no idea at all that they can commit these evil acts at all they are using them they have a parasitic lifestyle and often use their wife to maintain money and things like that12 Police can readily protect the abused spouse not really true they try and as long as its reported they can try to do something about it but if you actually report it and get a restraining order and etc etc etc the abuser can still come and do those things unless there is a police present at the house and thats very unlikely that someone will watch you for more than a day 13 The batterer is not a loving partner or appears to be a loving partner but noone wo loves their spouse could attack them right At the same time there is this weird twisted behaviour we will talk about this when we get to stalking behaviour but there is this kind of cycle of abuse they will shower them with presents and take away the abuse for a while and seem normal in front of others14 A wife beater also beats his children sometimes that is true but its not always the case Sometimes we see the wife stay in the relationship so that the children dont get abused 15 Once a battered woman always a battered woman this is the idea that these victims are seeking out people to abuse them goes back to 23 they get into these cyclical relationships and then they get out of it maybe and just get back into a different one 16 Once a batterer always a batterer not necessarily the case either they can get treatment But the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour sooo this might not necessarily be a myth17 Long standing battering relationships can change for the better opposite of 16 and I believe 17 a little more If someone has been doing this for a long time and this is their personality they are stuck in those18 Battered women deserve to get beaten 23 myth that they provoke their beating they push your husband to the breaking point and he had to lash out Thats just nonsense you can always turn and walk away the batterers choose to beat their spouse 19 Battered women can always leave home well where are they going to go Once you get into this relationships your money and power is controlled your not allowed to have a job no resources so where are you going to go You have been cut off from your friends and family and its so small and bits and pieces at the time you dont even notice it until it is too late 20 Batterers will cease their violence when we get married idea that it will get better as soon as we get to this point why dont you just make it better right now21 Children need their father even if he is violentor Im only staying for the stake of the children thats ridiculous maybe some ppl believe that it think having no father figure at all is much better than one that beats the mother in front of them and teaches the kids that thats okey Really hard to know the real rates of domestic abuse unfortunately its way easier to know the rates of domestic homicide Its pretty hard to hide the fact that someone is dead589 homicides in 2011 about 16 were domestic homicides between 2002009 there were about 738 spousal homicides and again represent about 16 of all solved homicide and nearly half of all domestic homicide The 2009 spousal homicide rates remained stable for the 3d year in a row this follows 3 decades of gradual decline 3 times more likely for women to be victims of spousal homicide compared to men female victims of spusal homicide were more liley than male victims to be killed by a partner from whom they are separatedthis goes back to and we will talk about this at the end of the lecture but stalking if I cant have you noone can or when the idea when she goes in for the defence for the BWS where there is this idea that if I leave they are going
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