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PSYC12: Lecture 3: Maintenance of Stereotypes check lec again wtf 3 midterms on same day? Obama is black, but he’s not really black to make themselves believe that they did a good thing The reason we hold onto stereotypes is so we can be lazy. Macrae, Milne and Bodenhausen  Don’t have to evaluate the prof as an individual because stereotypes act as a mental short cut o We know who he is  Given name of someone with trait terms associated with name of person  Some people were given a categorical label like skinhead, doctor or go  Example o Nigel: Skinhead  Aggressive  Smart  Likes leather  Aggressive and likes leather goes with being a skinhead  Being smart and w.e doesn’t go with being a skinhead o Mary (doctor)  Has lots of money  Kind  Likes pink  Likes Michael Jackson  Half contribute to being a doctor, half of the traits don’t  Measured their memory by asking who makes a lot of money? Participants had to say which person’s name the trait belongs to after listening to a passage Results  Those who were given a categorical label when asked to memorize traits with a person, were more likely to recall the relevant and irrelevant traits toward the categorical variable  Had better performance on a multiple choice test on the passage they heard (knowledge of indoenesia in this era was poor) even though told not to pay attention to  Better to remember traits that are neutral as well ??? Who is this?  By trying to guess who he is, we can see the world appearing as who we are  Our guesses show our real beliefs Bruner & Goodman  Had children estimate size of various disks o Some smaller, some bigger  Coin disks were matched with disks of the same size  People were more accurate when coins were made of same disks  The bigger the value of the coin, the relatively bigger the size of the coin is how they saw it compared to its actual size  More value they have, the bigger we see the physical size of the coin o When they really are the same size Slide 12  Separate children to poor and rich  Everyone overestimates the size of the coins and coin that has more value attached to it is seen as being larger  Values that children have drive what they are seeing  Poor children saw each coin to be more larger than how rich saw them o More value given Confirmation Bias  Unclear what person’s face is showing  Person is smiling or is angry  When passers saw 2 black people talking , they were judged as being more violent  When 2 white people were having the same conversation, they weren’t judged the same way  We think stereotypes are the valid descriptions of our world, when they really are not Facing Prejudice  Hugenberg & Bodenhausen  Black face has a wider nose and bigger lips, but pretty much is the same face as the white face and were shown one by one  At first they were showing acceptance and slowly progress to anger in their face o Press a button when you think the emotion has changed on the face  Black faces are yoked to the wh
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