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University of Toronto St. George
Dwayne Pare

PSYC12: Origins of Stereotypes Discrimination when buying a new car  Dress them all the same  Same car, model  Same place  Control for age o Try to match people up as best as you can  4 twin testers o Age o Education  If they think you’re unintelligent, they’ll try to give you a high price** o Attractiveness o Dress o Script o Same dealer o Same car  Should go to many dealers  Have many blacks, whites etc Ayres & Siegelman  White males offered the lowest car price  Black males offered the highest car price o $1000 difference  Similar pattern with females but difference is only $200 Slide 5: Why would they ask more money from women?  Stereotype that women are less rational thinkers  Women don’t know much about cars  Women are more emotional and vulnerable  Father will be paying Why would they ask more money from blacks?  Blacks are less educated  More white male dealers than black male dealers?  Symbolic self completion o Blacks want to symbolically look richer than they actually are  Anchored to initial price somehow by paying for “extras” True Colours  Fear  May be specific to st.lewis with majority of people being white  Can happen in Toronto COGNITIVE Categorization  Categorizing is an important part of learning  If we didn’t categorize objects into bins with labels, we would go somewhere new and be amazed by what we saw  Saves cognitive energy and resources when we have things simplified into categories o Know how to react when we see similar objects even if new  Same thing happens with people  If exposed to a jew previously, next time you see a jew you know who they are and you’re not surprised Why categorize?  If we get rid of stereotyping, we get rid of learning  Can’t ever get rid of stereotyping  It just pops up in our head  Not surprised when we see another human, we can accept diff versions of humans Categorization and Stereotypes  Traits can be colour, dress  If you need to know something about the old testament in the bible and you see a jew, you think you should ask them because you know they do study the bible  Don’t need to think about it, just happens  Overgeneralizations – there will be jews who do not know about the bible o Not always true that all jews study the bible  We want to save mental energy o Frees our minds to do other things Groups  We divide world into groups into Me and Not Me  People who belong to our ingroup and those who do not belong to our ingroup  Some groups are permeable o Can be Torontonian but fan of montreal team o Can be born in montreal, but resident of Toronto  World is easy to navigate when we have people who are like me and those who are not like me  Consequences exist: o Things appear more different than they actually are o Extreme case – don’t identify other group as even human o Dehumanize a group makes it easier to treat them poorly o Tootsies and hooters – cockroaches  Think negatively of outgroup because it’s easier that way to think positively of us  If groups are an extension of us, then we apply positive characteristics to us and the groups  Felt like had to like my group and dislike all the others  Love ingroup and hate outgroup o Shared culture o Shared language  Outgroup homogeneity effect o People who belong to our group are positive, but also unique from each other  We’re so different, we’re not like others, we’re diverse o Outgroup members are all the same in comparison to each other  Occur just by attaching gro
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