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Steve Joordens

Psychology Final Exam Notes1292012 45800 PM Chapter 1 SlidesTextbookSlides 13Cartesian Dualism A machine controlled by a soul John Locke Believed that mind is machine and that La Tabla Rassa o EmpiricismAll knowledge is acquired through experience Hermann von Helmholtz Measured speed of neural impulse o Experiment to hold hands and squeeze until it passed the end Ernst Weber PsychophysicsWilliam Wundt First to refer himself as a psychologisto Psych as a scienceStructuralist approachDarwin and JamesFunctionalismo Focus on the purpose of the mental world not what it looks likeSigmund FreudMedical doctor not a scientistPsychological disease linked mostly to psychological conflictPsychoanalysis o Promoted cocaine sexual and aggressive urgesThey hated freud because the lack of testable theories o Freuddoes the client feel better o Scientistsdo you have a theory that leads to predictions we can test Gestalt PsychologyUnderstand the laws underlying our amazing ability to acquire and maintain stable percepts in a noisy world Humanistic PsychologyCounter to Freud on a positive aspect to humanity Behaviorism Ivan Pavlovo Shunned discussions of any psychological conceptJohn B Watsono Consciousness attention memory perception etc BF Skinner o Study of association between stimuli and reaction responses Human behavior is all composed by Biological sciences with how the brain worksPersonal as sexual behaviorSocial as prejudiceClinical as psychopathy Textbook Chapter 1Psychologythe study of mind and behaviorMindprivate inner experience of thoughts memories and feelingBehaviorthings we do in the world or observable actions of human beings Bases of perceptions thought memories feeling or our subjective sense of selfThought to be pineal gland for thousands of years however its proven false fMRIscans brain StructuralistsAnalyzing of the mind by breaking it down into its basic components FunctionalistsHow mental abilities allow people to adapt to their environments Plato argued for nativism Certain kinds of knowledge are innate or inborno Natural in the mind Aristotle believed in Tabula rasa blank slatePhilosophical empiricismall knowledge is acquired through experience Cartesian dualismmental activity can be reconciled and coordinated with physical behavior PhysiologyStudy of biological processes especially in the human body Helmholtz Measured the speed of responses o Stimulussensory input from the environmento Reaction timeamount of time taken to respond to a specific stimulusWundt Scientific psychology should focus on analyzingo Consciousnesspersons subjective experience of the world and the mindLater on adopted structuralismo StructuralismAnalysis of basic elements that constitute the mindIntrospection was used as a systematic methodsubjective observation of ones own experienceJames Came up with publishing The Principles of Psychology o Approached Functionalism Functionalismstudy of the purpose of mental processes serve in enabling people to adapt to their environmentDarwinAlso coined up the idea of Natural SelectionFreud and Psychoanalytic Theory Unconsciouspart of the mind that operates outside of conscious awareness but influences conscious thought feelings and actionsLater on developed into psychoanalytic theory o Psychoanalytic theoryapproach that emphasizes importance of unconscious mental processes in shaping feelings thoughts and behaviorsHowever Freud had a dark nature of psychoanalysis o Humanistic psychologyapproach to understanding human nature that emphasizes positive potential of human beings
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