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Research Methods Lecture notes for research methods. very comprehensive. even some colours used for headings and key ideas to help you out studying for the final in April!

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University of Toronto St. George
Dax Urbszat

PSYCH 100 LECTURE 2 Research MethodsNot a huge datename guy for the examhintMore interested in whether you understand the conceptsNeed to know wilhelm wundt for instanceCharacteristics of Good Psychological ResearchWhen studying human psychology we have to be more careful than studying other things ethically etcSTUFF WE NEED for good psychological research1 THEORETICAL FRAMEWORKIs a systematic way of organizing and explaining observationsWe need a Hypothesis which flows from the theory or from an important questionTheories are never done we are looking for the exceptions that might not be found until years down the roadWe might prefer the simpler theory if possible but exceptions are importantSTANDARDIZED PROCEDUREMeansproceduresame for all subjects except where variation introduced to death hypothesisThe differences must not be about how we ran the studyThe results are a result of our intentional manipulationBecause of that we go to great lengths to ensure everything is as standard as possibleWe want to counter balanceAvoid confoundsWE dont rely on any one study as being confirmative the be all and end allWe dont want to rely on any one study as something we would put full faith inWe need studies to be replicated Preferably by other researches or in other parts of the worldIf we dont we have to be more critical or skepticalStandardize procedure in ways that others can do it in as close to the same wayGENERALIZABILITYThe sample is representative of populationProcedure is sensible and relevant to to world outside the labCant survey EVERYBODY so we take a representative sampleProcedure that is sensible and relevant to circumstances outside the labIF you use a biased sample you have to be concerned whether you can generalize your sample to a larger groupWe also want a procedure that has ecological validitymeasuring something that is realHow much sense does it make Is it realisticSensible relevant outside of labThere are things below the level of conscious awarenessSubliminal perception might have higher rates in a lab than in a store4 OBJECTIVE MEASUREMENTS
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