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Maja Djikic

How and why diversity (diverse culture) would be good for our organization:  Problems of non profit organizations: o Seems to be a perceived gap between the intentions and actions of nonprofit organizations when it comes to promoting staff diversity o Common perception held by nonprofit professionals is that their employers value diversity, but that those values are not being translated into actions resulting in the creation of diverse and inclusive workplaces  Diverse board include: o Diverse perspectives in decision-making lead to better decisions. o A diverse board can help to legitimize the mandate of the organization. o A diverse board can help build social capital and cohesion among diverse populations. o A diverse organization can be more responsive to the community and clients. o A diverse board can support fundraising and marketing/outreach more effectively  “Diverse teams do better work” o “by providing a workplace that values different ideas, opinions and experience, our people thrive” o need to make sure there is a diverse and qualified candidate pool at every stage of the hiring process  Obstacles to creating staff diversity o Research have shown several obstacles when it comes to attracting and retaining a diverse workforce:  Recruitment obstacles:  Common recruitment challenges are poor access to diverse networks, interview methods that fail to demonstrate an organization’s commitment to diversity, and rushed hiring processes that do not allow for adequate time to develop diverse candidate pools  Retention obstacles:  Employees of color experience the presence of bias and unfair treatment in the workplace, which leads to employee turnover and the related financial costs for companies and organizations  Prioritization obstacles:  Studies and articles have suggested that commitment to diversity must come from the TOP  When staff diversity is not regarded as an urgent priority, leadership does not take ownership over the issue and resources are not allocated to properly support diversity efforts  Among employees who believe their employers or organization
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