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Notes for Midterm - Lecture

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Michael Inzlicht

Psychology of PrejudicePSYC12 Lecture 1Introduction Things have changed considerably from Martin Luther King Jrs day so things have changed but things have not gone to a place where we are all free of prejudices not judge by colour of skinwhat we wear in this class discuss howwhy that is architecture of our mind Is prejudice still around Rwandan Genocide occurred in early 1990s million tutsis were killed in 100 days by hutus these two tribes are so similar to another share language culture yet one group decided to not like the otherAround the same time late 90s Indonesian riots mass rioting at certain stores owned by Chinese Indonesians were targets Why They didnt belong blame for economic collapse Number of years ago people wanted to make a Mosque in Houston in an unused area nothing going on there but nonetheless people were opposed to it pig races on fridays against eating pork products worried about traffic but if Wal Mart was opened would people be opposed Probably not Comments section of any website within not too long see people throwing insultsRue character from hunger games in book Rue is someone who got darker skin and territory everyone is darker skin Twitter comments People have harder time empathizing when they arent in same ethnic group PK Souben black criticism of him racism changed forms and is still aroundClass definitonsStereotypeset of attributestraits associated with group of people cognitive schema preconceived idea of person based on group sometimes true generalizationPrejudiceaffectemotion to a group bias based on stereotypes can be positivenegativeDiscriminationexclusion action acting on prejudice A little history took hold after the hollocauseww2 people were wondering how a modern nation that had brilliant mindsmusicians can produce people like Hitler and to create killing factories at first stereotypes seen as an abnormal thing not a normal way of treating people over the years that view was seen as incorrect and now seen as completely normal we all categorize things that allows us to learnminimize information allows you to determine how to act to certain things When categorize people have stereotypesattributes to people about athletes lawyers etc host of associations We started to examine explicitimplicit forms of prejudicestereotyping in current world not okay to say bad things about certain people we dont see overt acts of it but that doesnt mean people are less prejudice necessarily they can be hiding it implicit vs explicit Movement called positive psychology which has the idea that we focus too much on abnormality rather than whats right from people same thing can be with prejudice we can study people who get a long with other groups Lecture 2Origins of StereotypesStudy done in Chicago in discrimination when buying a car How do you study this Should match certain things clothing height SES age attractiveness dress script same
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