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Lecture 2Quantitative variablesThere are three main graphical methods for describing summarizing and detecting patterns in quantitative data Stemplot stemandleaf plotHistogram Dot plotStemplotsA stemplot gives a quick picture of the shape of a distribution while including the actual numerical values in the graphTo make a stemplot1 Separate each observation into a stem consisting of all but the final rightmost digit and a leaf the final digit2 Write the stems in a vertical column with the smallest at the top and draw a vertical line at the right of this column3 Write each leaf in the row to the right of its stem in increasing order out from the stem StatCrunchGraphicsStem and LeafExample Literacy of men and women table below shows the percent of men and women at least 15 years old who were literate in 2002 in the major Islamic nationsCountry Female percent Male percent Algeria 60 78 Bangladesh 31 50 Egypt 46 68 Iran 71 85 Jordan 86 96 Kazakhstan 99 100 Lebanon 82 95 Libya 71 92 Malaysia 85 92 Morocco 38 68 Saudi Arabia 70 84 Syria 63 89 Tajikistan 99 100 Tunisia 63 83 Turkey 78 94 Uzbekistan 99 100 Yemen 29 70
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