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Dax Urbszat

Test 4PsychL0101 MW 1112 1What three regions of the Hypothalamus have been strongly implicated in eating behavior 3 markslateral region ventromedial region paraventricular nucleus PVN 2Explain Parental Investment Theory 3 marksin any given species the sex that makes the smaller investment in the rearing of offspring will compete for mating opportunities with the sex that makes the larger investment and the sex that makes the larger investment will tend to be more discriminating in selecting its partners 3In neuropsychological terms explain the dual processing of emotions4 marksthe thalamus receives sensory input and channels the signals to two places 1 information is rapidly sent to the amygdala where instinctive and reflexive autonomic reactions take place and 2 the information is sent more slowly to the cortex where experience environmental cues and physiological reactions can all be assessed before taking action Rapid instinctive responding to threatening stimuli may be the difference between life and death in some circumstances whereas reasoned logical responses are slower but will better take into account the next appropriate behavioral response to the situation 4List the three phases of prenatal development and their corresponding time frames 3 marks st germinal period 1 2 weeks after conceptionrdth embryonic period 3 to 8 weeks of gestation fetal period from 9 weeks till birth 5Define the term teratogens and provide an example 2 marksteratogens are environmental agents such as viruses or chemicals that can harm a developing fetus eg alcohol can lead to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome cocaine use can lead to delayed motor and emotional development smoking can lead to SIDS premature births stillbirths and miscarriages influenza may lead to schizophrenia etc 6List Piagets four stages of cognitive development and their corresponding time frames 4 marks 11sensorimotor period birth to 2 years22preoperational period 2 to 7 years33concrete operational period 7 to 1144formal operational period 11 to adult 2What is Eriksons second stage of personality development 1 markautonomy vs shame and doubt3According to Freud what two drives are the motivating forces for human behavior 2 marksaggressive and sexual drives 4In what stage of psychosexual development would we find penis envy1 markphallic 5Briefly explain Banduras Social Learning theory 3 marksObservational or vicarious learning occurs by merely observing what others do others are the models and what the consequences are of those observed actions There are two important processes the first being acquisition which merely requires observing a behavior and its consequences and the second is acceptance or performance where the person actually performs the observed behavior 6 According to Ellis Rational Emotive Therapy what are the two fundamental goals of all human beings who are acting rationally 2 marksto stay alive and to try and be happy or satisfied 7According to the Trait approach to personality what are the two main assumptions about traits 2 marks 11traits are stable over time 22traits are stable across situationsL0301 MW 34 1Describe in order the first 4 levels of Maslows Hierarchy of Needs 2 marks 12 mark each 1i physiological needshunger thirst sex2ii safety needsshelterhousing money3iiilove or belongingnessintimacy family support friends4ivesteemselfworth selfefficacy selfrespect respect from others 2Explain the organizational effects of androgens on the developing fetus 2 marks High levels of androgens in the 3monthold fetus will lead to physical and personality attributes that correspond to a masculine or male gender In the absence of these androgens natures tendency is to create a female or feminine traits3What are some of the gender differences found in patterns of sexual activity and how do evolutionary psychologists explain them 3 marks
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