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Dax Urbszat

Test 6PSY100Test 6L0101 MW 1112 1Health Psychology is the educational research and clinical contribution of Psychology to what three goals 3 marks 1 the promotion and maintenance of health2 the prevention and treatment of illness3 the analysis and improvement of the health care system and health policy formation2Give two examples of adaptive and two examples of maladaptive ways that one could behaviorally influence the impact of a stressor4 marksAdaptive one could seek help therapy engage in meditation learn a new skill etc Maladaptive one could use drugs or alcohol gambling sex or any distraction3Explain how the Sympathetic Adrenal Medullary SAM system operates 4 marksstress is perceived by the cerebral cortex which signals the hypothalamus to activate the sympathetic nervous system fight or flight This stimulates the Adrenal Medulla glands to secrete catecholimines epinephrine and norepinephrine The effects are raised blood pressure irregular heart rate sweating and constriction of peripheral blood vessels4List 4 positive emotionfocused coping strategies 4 marks any four 1 mark each1 Focused breathingmeditation2 Progressive muscle relaxation3 Cognitive restructuring4 Self hypnosis5 Anger management6 Thought stopping procedures7 Stress inoculation training 2Give an example of both a stable and unstable internal attribution and both a stable and unstable external attribution 4 marks stable internal attribution I failed the test because I am stupid unstable internal attribution I failed the test because I didnt study stable external attribution I failed the test because the professor always makes unfair tests unstable external attribution I failed the test because the test was unfair 3What is the Mere Exposure effect and how does it contribute to attraction 3 marksthe mere exposure effect states that merely being exposed to something or someone will make us prefer that thing or person over someone or something that we have not been exposed to It contributes to attraction in that the more we are exposed to someone or something the more familiar it becomes to us and the more likely we are to like it 4What are the ABCs of attitudes 3 marks Aaffect feelings BbehaviorCcognitions thoughts 5What is deindividuation and what are some circumstances where it might occur 3 marksdeindividuation is a loss of selfawareness and evaluation apprehension that can occur when a situation allows one to feel anonymous it can occur when one is in a crowd or when one is wearing a mask or wearing a uniform that many others are wearing etc 6List 2 factors that can increase the likelihood of resistance to authority in situations where one believes the authority figure is wrong 2 marks 11when someone has knowledge expertise or experience in the area22when there is social support of others agreeing to resist as wellL0301 MW 34 1Explain Lazarus concepts of primary and secondary appraisal and give an example for each 4 marks Primary appraisal is a cognitive appraisal of a stressor in the environment as being either benign irrelevant or stressful trouble ie Is this a threat to my well being Eg a paper due is appraised as stressful whereas another assignment is viewed as easy to doIf the primary appraisal states that the stimulus is trouble then a secondary appraisal takes place to decide if the person has the necessary resources to deal with the problem ie Do I have what it takes to deal with this Eg you decide you can do the assignment if you work hard and dedicate some time to it or you decide that you cant do it 2Give two examples of adaptive and two examples of maladaptive ways that one could emotionally influence the impact of a stressor4 marksAdaptive be optimistic look on the bright side express emotions openly share problems with others Maladaptive feel hopelessness helplessness or selfpity suppress or hide emotions 3List 4 of the effects of prolonged exposure to stress 4 marks any four one mark each suppress cellular immune functioning produces hemodynamic changes increased heart rate and blood pressure provokes irregular heart rhythms produces neurochemical imbalances depression panic disorder atherosclerosis destruction of neurons in the hippocampus memory impairment senility
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