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Michael Inzlicht

Chapter 15 J Treatment of Psychological Disorders * The Elements of the Treatment Process Treatments: How many Types Are There? Clients: Who Seeks Therapy? Therapists: Who Provides Professional Treatment? o Psychologists o Psychiatrists N Psychiatrists: Physicians who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders o Other Mental Health Professionals * Insight Therapies N LZ][email protected]]Z9L}oIo]L ]}LZ]LL}LZL o]LZ[Zo-knowledge and thus promote healthful changes in personality and behavior Psychoanalysis N Psychoanalysis: An insight therapy that emphasizes the recovery of unconscious conflicts, motives, and defenses through techniques such as free association and transference o Probing the Unconscious N Free Association: When Clients spontaneously express their thoughts and feelings exactly as they occur with as little censorship as possible N KLoZ]Z9JZLZZ]Z]LZZZK}o] KL]L2}Z o]LZ[KZ o Interpretation N Int]}[email protected]@Z]ZZKZ}o]LZ]LLZ]2L]] L }Z o]LZ[ thoughts, feelings, memoires, and behaviors o Resistance N Resistance: Refers to Largely unconscious defensive manoeuvres intended to hinder the progress of therapy o Transference N Transference: When clients unconsciously start relating to their therapist in ways that mimic critical relationships in their lives o Modern Psychodynamic Therapies Client-Centered Therapy N Client-Centered Therapy: An insight therapy that emphasizes providing a supportive emotional climate for clients, who play a major role in determining the pace and direction of their therapy o Therapeutic Climate o Therapeutic Process Cognitive Therapy o Goals and Techniques o Kinship with Behavior Therapy Group Therapy N Group Therapy: The simultaneous treatment of several clients in a group o 9] ]LZ[Z}oZ o Advantages of the Group Experience Evaluating Insight Therapies N Spontaneous Remission: A recovery from a disorder that occurs without formal treatment * Behavior Therapies
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