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Michael Inzlicht

January 11, 2010: Why study Psychology? -Because you are interested in people, and psychology is supposed to be about makes people tick. -Because you want to help people -you heard it was interesting -or because you want to know how best to raise kids -or because you want to know if self-esteem really matters -or because you want to learn how to stop losing your keys all the time -or because you want to deal with stress better -or because you want to more effectively reach your goals Psychology provides important insights into people, and is used in: -counseling, teaching, research, selling cars, consulting, management, activism, and of course: manipulating friends and loved ones. Office: SS#4045 (across from 4th floor elevators) Office hours: Wednesday 2-3 TAS office: SS#4042- PSY 100 Instruction Centre [email protected] Fundamental Insights of Psych: -There are lessons that a century (+) of psychology research has taught us, and they can deeply change the way you understand yourself, other people, and the world around you. Fundamental Insight #1: Reality is a story told to us by our brains Our brains are artists not mirrors. -Our experiences do not reflect reality itself, but rather a construction or representation of reality. 1) This construction process involves a lot of guesswork- filling in the gaps. 2) This subjective representation occurs within the brain. We only have access to a limited subset of Reality: -The limitations of our sensory- perceptual system are due to: -the sensitivity of our sensory mechanisms -our attentional capacity Perception- drives behavior Perception is a process of creative story telling and inference making. we have to fill in a lot of gaps.
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