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Study Notes on SLEEP - Date not accurate

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University of Toronto St. George
Michael Inzlicht

S L E E P Many areas of the brain are more active during sleep than during wakefulness. the conscious experience of the outside world is turned off sleep is an altered state of consciousness The brain processes information during sleep. About spatial surroundings etc. There are different psychophysiological states during sleep, and these occur in a cycle Brain activity slows & becomes more synchronized STAGES OF SLEEP : [Alert Wakefulness]: BETA WAVES o V. short, frequent, desynchronized waves [Just Before Sleep]: ALPHA WAVES o Less short, more synchronized Stage 1: THETA WAVES Can be easily aroused, may not be aware of having been asleep. One may see fantastical images or have the sensation of falling etc. Stage 2: o Sleep spindles: occasional bursts of mental activity o K-complexes: waves with high amplitude (large waves) More regular breathing, less sensitive to external stimuli Stage 3 & 4: DELTA WAVES o slow-wave sleep deep, slow, high waves. Difficult to awaken people in these stages, it is disorienting when they are woken up. HOWEVER, some information is still being processed (ex: a fire alarm would wake you up environment is evaluated for potential danger) REM: the sleep cycle reverses!! Stage 2 flurry of BETA WAVE ACTIVITY o Aka paradoxical sleep: sleeping body, activated brain. Some neurons in the brain (esp. in brainstem & occipital cortex) are more active in REM than during wakefulness o Genital arousal! o Dreaming
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