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Study Notes on SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY - date not accurate

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University of Toronto St. George
Michael Inzlicht

SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY HOW WE SEE OURSELVES CONCEPT OF SELF: full store of knowledge about ME SELF-AWARENESS sense of self as the object of awareness (I thinks about ME) SELF-SCHEMA cognitive aspect, integrated set of memories, beliefs & generalizations about self WORKING SELF-CONCEPT immediate experience of self INDEPENDENT & INTERDEPENDENT SELF-CONSTRUALS do you view yourself as fundamentally separate from or inherently connected to others? SELF-ESTEEM: evaluative aspect, often based on reflected appraisal, or how they believe others view themhow others respond to them. SOCIOMETER THEORY LEARY: Humans have an adaptive need to belong self-esteem measures social acceptancerejection DEATH ANXIETY: self-esteem staves off anxiety of mortality, via terror management theory LIFE OUTCOMES: high self-esteem does not predict success. MAYBE vice-versa MENTAL STRATEGIES: we are better than average. We favouritize anything associated with ME, we are unrealistically optimistic about our futures. SELF-EVALUATION: people rate themselves by how relevant their performance is to their self- concept & how they compare with significant people around them. people exaggeratepublicize relationships with winners, minimizehide relationships with losers OR, they feel better when reading about SUPERSTARS if they feel that their status is attainable in the future SOCIAL COMPARISONS: evaluation of our actions abilities & beliefs by comparing them to those of other people o High self-esteem downward comparisons
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