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Chapter 14 Psychological DisordersAbnormal Behaviour Myths Realities and ControversiesThe Medical Model Applied to Abnormal BehaviourThe medical model proposes that it is useful to think of abnormal behaviour as a diseaseCan be seen in the terms referring to abnormal behaviour mental illness psychological disorder etcPrior to the rise of the medical model conceptions of abnormal behaviour were based on superstition demonic possession in league w the devil etc which meant harsh treatment of the mentally ill Szasz argues that abnormal behaviour usually involves a deviation from social norms rather than an illness and that the medical models disease analogy converts moral and social questions about acceptable behaviour into medical questionsImportant Medical ConceptsDiagnosis distinguishing one illness from anotherEtiology the apparent causation and developmental history of an illnessPrognosis a forecast about the probable course of an illnessCriteria of Abnormal BehaviourIn making diagnoses clinicians rely on a variety of criteria1Deviancewhen people violate social standards and expectations they may be labelled as mentally ill2Maladaptive behaviourwhen people are judged to have a psychological disorder bc their everyday adaptive behaviour is impaired3Personal distressbased on an individuals report of great personal distressPeople are often viewed as disordered when only one criterion is met though more are possiblePsychological disorder diagnoses involve value judgements about prevailing cultural values social trends and political forces as well as scientific knowledge basically what is normal and how far from normal are youPeople are only judged to be mentally ill when their behaviour becomes extremely deviant the normalabnormal is a spectrum not a eitherorStereotypes of Psychological DisordersMyths of Psychological Disorders1Psychological disorders are incurable The vast majority of people who are diagnosed as mentally ill eventually improve and lead normal productive lives2People with psychological disorders are often violent and dangerous Theres no consistent link bw mental illness and violence only past history of violence and violence3People with psychological disorders behave in bizarre ways and are very different from normal people This is only true in a minority of cases usually involving relatively severe disordersPsychodiagnosis The Classification of Disorders
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