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Chapter 15 Treatment of Psychological DisordersTreaments How Many Types Are There1Insight therapiestalk therapy involving sort through problems and solutions2Behaviour therapiesmaking a direct effort to change problematic responses and maladaptive habits Most of their procedures involve classicaloperant conditioning or observational learning3Biomedical therapiesinterventions into a persons biological functioning Ex ECTClients Who Seeks Therapy2 most common problems anxiety and depressionMany who dont have a mental disorder still go to therapyTheres a stigma surrounding seeking mental professional helpTherapists Who Provides Professional TreatmentPsychologists2 types clinical and counselling psychologists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders and everyday behavioural problemsClinical psychologists training emphasizes the treatment of fullfledged disorders while counselling psychologists training is slanted toward the treatment of everyday adjustment problemsBoth must earn a doctoral degree serve a oneyear internship in a clinical setting followed by postdoc fellowship trainingPsychiatristsDef physicians who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders devote more time to relatively severe disorders have an MD degree including 4 years of coursework and 4 years of an apprenticeship in a residency at a hospital More likely to use psychoanalysis and medicationOther Mental Health ProfessionalsClinical social workers and psychiatric nurses work as part of a treatment team w a psychologist or psychiatrist Psychiatric nurses play a role in hospital inpatient treatment while clinical social workers typically work w patients and their families to ease the patients integration back into the communityCounsellors provide therapeutic services and specialize in particular types of problemsInsight TherapiesDef involve verbal interactions intended to enhance clients selfknowledge and thus promote healthful changes in personality and behaviourPsychoanalysisDef an insight therapy that emphasizes the recovery of unconscious conflicts motives and defences through techniques such as free association and transferenceFreud mostly treated anxietydominated disturbances he believed that neurotic problems are caused by unconscious conflicts left over from early childhood and also conflicts bw the id ego and superego over sex
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