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Chapter 12 Personality Theory Research and Assessmentstarred headingsare not official textbook ones just unofficial ones for convenienceThe Nature of PersonalityConsistency and DistinctivenessQuality of consistency and distinctiveness is core to the concept of personalityConsistency the stability in a persons behaviour over time and across situationsDistinctiveness the behavioural differences among people reacting to the same situationPersonality refers to an individuals unique constellation of consistent behavioural traitsPersonality Traits Dispositions and DimensionsPersonality trait durable disposition to behave in a particular way in a variety of situationsex honest dependable suspicious domineeringSome traits are more basic than othersaccording to Cattell there exists 16 crucial traits listed on pg 550 figure 1219In factor analysis correlations among many variables are analyzed to identify closely related clusters of variables The FiveFactor Model of Personality TraitsMcCrae and Costa maintain that most personality traits are derived from 5 higherorder traits Big Five extraversion neuroticism openness to experience agreeableness and conscientiousness1ExtraversionReferred to as positive emotionality in some trait modelsPeople scoring high in extraversion are characterized as outgoing upbeat friendly assertive2Neuroticism negative emotionalityTraits anxious hostile selfconscious insecure and vulnerableThose who score high in neuroticism tend to react more in response to stress than others3Openness to experienceTraits curiosity flexibility vivid fantasy imaginativeness artistic sensitivity and unconventional attitudesMcCrae argues that this trait is the key determinant of peoples political attitudes and ideology4AgreeablenessTraits sympathetic trusting cooperative modest and straightforwardThose who score low in this area are suspicious antagonistic and aggressiveAssociated w better conflict resolution5Conscientiousness constraintTraits diligent disciplined wellorganized punctual and dependableCorrelations bw Big Five traits and a variety of life outcomes and behavioural aspects obvsEx conscientious ppl live longer than others due to exp of less illness and w reduced mortalityCriticism Block fivefactor model is more arbitrary bc the higherorder traits that emerge in factor analyses depend on the exact mix of the much larger set of lowerorder traits
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