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Psychology Test 3 Iskender Piyale-Sheard Study Notes CHAPTER 1: The Science of Psychology What is the definition of Psychology? The scientific study of behavior and mental processes What are the 4 goals of psychology? Observation, Explanation, Prediction, Control It follows the scientific method Why is psychology a science? It gathers evidence It develops new theories What is observation? Observing symptoms and behaviors What is explanation? Trying to understand the motivation reasons behind one[s behavior. Under what circumstances is the behavior likely to What is prediction? occur again? Hypothesis. What is control? How can researchers come up with ideas to prevent unwanted behaviors. www.notesolution.com Psychology Test 3 Iskender Piyale-Sheard Study Notes Who is the founding father of psychology? Wilhelm Wundt 1- Oral Stage What are the 5 stages of psychosexual 2- Anal Stage development? 3- Phallic stage 4- Latancy Period 5- Genital Stage What is Sigmund Freud[s field of psychology? Psychodynamic Psychology Dream Analysis Hypnosis In what did Freud focus his research on? Importance of childhood experiences Unconscious Basic research What are the two kinds of research? Applied research What is basic research? When researchers try to understand phenomena to increase knowledge of a specific field. What is applied research? When trying to find concrete ways to solve problems. The ability to talk about how you feel towards What Is introspection? something. www.notesolution.com Psychology Test 3 Iskender Piyale-Sheard Study Notes What is functionalism? Trying to understand how mental processes work. Functionalism is best associated with; William James Trying to understand what mental processes are What is structuralism? composed of? Structuralism is best associated with; Edward Bradford Titchener What is behaviorism? The school of psychology that studies only observable and measurable behavior. John Watson Behaviorism is best associated with; and B.F. Skinner Person-Situation Nature-Nurture What are the 5 enduring issues of psychology? Stability-Change Diversity-Universality Mind-Body Are we masters of our fate, or victims of our What is the Person-Situation debate? circumstances? www.notesolution.com Psychology Test 3 Iskender Piyale-Sheard Study Notes IS the person we become a product of innate, What is the Nature-Nurture debate? inborn tendencies, or a reflection of experiences and upbringing? Are the characteristics we develop in childhood What is the Stability-Change debate? more or less permanent, or do we change in predictable ways over our lives? To what extent is every person a) like other people What is the Diversity-Universality debate? b) like some other people c) like no other person? What is the Mind-Body debate? How are the mind and the body connected? Naturalistic Observation, Case Study What are the FIVE basic methods of research? Surveys, Correlational Research, Experimental Research The systematic study of behavior in natural settings What is Naturalistic Observation? rather than in a laboratory. Intensive description and analysis of a single What is Case Study? individual or just a few individuals. A research technique in which questionnaires or What is Survey Research? interviews are administered to a select group of people. www.notesolution.com
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