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University of Toronto St. George
Michael Inzlicht

-Development starts in the womb Physical development: genes govern much of the prenatal development of the human nervous system - Hormones that circulate in the womb influence the developing fetus Teratogens: environmental influences may have adverse effects on the developing fetus. Ex. Drugs, alcohol, or illness can impair physical and cognitive development. These are examples of teratogens, which are agents (bacteria, viruses, chemicals, drugs) that can cause abnormal development in wombs. Critical learning periods: time in which certain experiences must occur for normal brain development, such as exposure to visual information during infancy for the normal development of the visual pathways of the brain. - The idea that there are biologically determined time periods when a child must be exposed to language in order to achieve normal brain development: critical period hypothesis Attachment: a strong emotional connection that persists over time and across circumstances Strange situation test: - Secure attachment: happy to play alone and is friendly to the stranger while the attachment figure is present - Avoidant attachment: dont appear upset by the attachment figures departure - Anxious-am
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