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University of Toronto St. George
Michael Inzlicht

-The field of cultural psychology emerged because most researchers believe that culture plays a prominent role in our mental lives. The second important reason is to see if behaviors and mental processes are the same in all cultures. -Cultural differences in psychological processes tend to increase as people age and are socialized into their respective cultural worlds. -Being socialized in a particular cultural context affects much of how people think. The self is experienced differently across cultures. Acculturation is the process by which people migrate to and come to learn a culture that is different from their original culture. -Acculturation requires significant and often stressful adjustment. A common pattern of adjustment for acculturation forms a U-shape curve. It has three phases: the honeymoon stage, crisis, or culture shock and adjustment. -The difficulties of immigration is the fact that people from different cultures are not always treated with equal respect. Frame-switching: the shifting of thoughts and behaviors to those appropriate for a given cultural context. Analytic thinking: is characterized by a focus on objects and their attributes. Holistic thinking: is characterized by an orientation to the context as a whole. There is attention to the relatio
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