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Tricks to Remember the Parts of the Brain • Brainstem – Composed of parts of the hindbrain & the midbrain o “Stem” = lowest part of a plant, hence lowest part of the brain • Cerebellum - Initiation & control of rapid movement of the limbs; posture & balance o Ringing a "bell" is a rapid movement o Affects “bell”ance (balance) • Medulla - Controls breathing, heart rate, digestion, & other vital reflexes o The two "ll"s stand for living/life functions • Reticular Formation – Controls sleep & arousal; attention o Rested vs. Fatigue • Midbrain – Processes auditory & visual sensory information o Midi is a type of audio format (for those of you who are computer literate) o Contains the substantia nigra, which is responsible for motor control o The substantia nigra also produces a substantial amount of dopamine • Thalamus - Relay station that connects various parts of the brain. Regulates awareness, attention, motivation, & emotion. o T"hal"amus. Like Hal in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey - who coordinated the mission • Limbic System – influences emotions, motives, and hormones o Separates lower brain regions from cortex • Hypothalamus - Regulates behavior related to survival (e.g., sexual behavior, hunger, thirst, sleep, water/salt balance, body temperature, hormones) o Means "below the thalamus" • Hippocampus – Learning & memory formation • Amygdala – Involved in emotional responses such as fear, anger, & disgust; learning & memory formation o Means almond in latin (if this helps, they look like little almonds on the ends of the hippocampus) • Limbic system mnemonic: “I knew it was lunchtime because my hypo
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