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Michael Inzlicht

Chapter 6HOW DID BEHAVIOURAL STUDY OF LEARNING DELVELOPBehavioural responses are conditionedPavlov principles of classical conditioning association made between stimuli and response two type of events go togetherwalking in rain get wetOperant conditioning behavior leads to a particular outcome studying lead to better gradesLittle albert conditioned with loud sound with ratbelief that animals Watson against freuds unconscious theory founded school of beavhiourism and humans are born with potential to learn anythingKid born with knowing nothing all knowledge is acquired through sensory experience depend on environment and effectsgive me a dozen children and give me the environment I can make them into any type of specialistPavlovsalivary reflex Measuring dogs salivaNeutral stimulus ringing bellstimulus foodconditioning trialSound of bell produces salivation classical conditioningClassical conditioning when neutral object comes to elicit a reflexive response when it is associated with a stimulus that already produces the responseFoodunconditioned stimulussalivaunconditioned response bc both occur without having to be trainedBellconditioned stimulussaliva when only bell present conditioned responselearnedConditioned response is less stronger than unconditioned responseAnother example is movie scary music nervous tenseAcquisition both conditioned and unconditioned stimulus occurring together contiguityExtinction unlearn the process food no longer appears after each ringConditioned response is extinguishedSpontaneous recovery if US again presented together with CSStimulus generalization occurs when stimuli that are similar but not identical to the CS produces CR can get animal responding as wellStimulus discrimination 2 similar species one is poisonous animal need to learn to tell differencend2 order conditioning CS associated with another CS which associates with USBlack square presented with bell ringing black square later leads to salivationPhobia and Addictions have learned componentsAnimals classically conditioned to fear neutral objects fear conditioningwwwnotesolutioncom
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