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Michael Inzlicht

chapter 8 Thinking and intelligence How does the mind represent info Cognition: mental activity such as thinking or representing info 2 types of representation: analogical representation: mental representation of physcial characteristics of object symbolic representaabstract mental representation that does not correspond to physical features (eg. knowing the word violin stands for a instrument) Mental images are analogical representations study: mirror image of R, the further the degree of rotation, the longer it takes to tell if its a mirror image or not stephen kosslyns study:ook to imagine shifting ones gaze between two points on map increased with actual distance between the points meaning visual imagery is associated with perception related areastex) these areas provide spatial aspects damage totemporal cor(for processing appearance of object), does not affect locating object limits of analogical representations???? things that cannot be perceived by perceptual system, we cannot have representation of it Concepts are symbolic representations our knowledge about the object, knowledge based on concept which is the way we calssify the object based on attributes, prototypes, exemplars words and abstract ideas, what to do with the object catergorization concept: mental representation that groups or categorizes objects, events, or relations around common themes defining attribute model: idea that a concept is characterized by a list of features that are necessary to determine if an object is a member of a category eg. Bachelor=unmarried male subcategories shortcomings of attribute model, same categories but still different (20 man vs. 40 year old man as bachelor) prototype modewithin each category, some members of a particular category are more representative or prototypical of that category than other members---a category will have same attributes prototypes let boundaries to be imprecise (eg. Tomato a fruit or veggie) allow additional flexibility in representation of concept exemplar modeno best representation of a concept prototypical members are simply ones encounter more often
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