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Michael Inzlicht

Chapter 10 Emotions and Health EMOTION: feelings that involve subjective evaluation, physiological processes, and cognitive beliefs Mood: a diffuse andlasting emotional state that influences rather than interrupts thought and behaviour Reflects peoples perceptions of whether they have the personal resources necessary to meet environmental demands Stress: pattern of behaviour and response to events that match or exceed an organisms ability Health psychology: concerned with events that affect physical well-being How are emotions adaptive? Yes Prepare and guide behaiouvrs Many emotions involve interpersonal dynamics: hurt when teased, angry when insulted Interpret facial expressions of emotion to predict the behaviour of other people Emotions and emotional expression provide adaptive info Facial expressions communicate emotion Darwin wrote expression of emotion in man and animal, argued expressive characteristics were adaptive in all life Infants expressing emotions Lower half of face more important than upper half of face in communicating emotion Mouth better conveys emotions than eye If just present with mouth and eye, eye is used to identify emotion If whole face presented, mouth is used Facial expressions across cultures Facial expressions are universal and are biologically based Display rules and gender Display rules govern how and when emotions are exhibited Differences in display rule help to explain cultural stereotypes Gender differences in display rules that guide emotional expression Women emotions are related to caregiving, interpersonal relationships Men are related to competitiveness, defensiveness Women better at describing their emotions Emotions serve cognitive functions Emotional descriptions to memory Mood can alter ongoing mental process In good mood, make faster decisions, and creative and elaborate responses Positive affect lead to higher levels of dopamine production and activation of dopamine
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